For Employer

As an employer, are you:

Struggling to find the best candidates to fit the available vacancies?
Having a hard time with recruitments despite countless advertisements?
Facing operational and financial complication due to dormant manpower positions?
In a dilemma with too many irrelevant applications?
Having qualms over hiring the wrong person?
If your answer is YES to at least 3 of the above – you are going through a manpower misfortune. Our advice – Get professional help quick.

Why Artemis?


We run our exclusive database of candidates, with a skill-specific grading system.


Wide variety of business associates, speed in hiring process through our solid network.


Quick response with a sense of urgency that will cut precious operational time for you.


Multiple screening provided prior to the final interview, serving you the best of the best.

Our Process

Our Services

  1. Permanent Recruitment

    Full-scale, full time job positions in any field, any industry.

  2. Executive Search

    Headhunt for C-level and Mid-level Management through associated platforms like LinkedIn and even your competitor’s pool of talents.

  3. Temporary & Contract Staffing

    Manpower solution for temporary, short-term and contractual employment.

  4. Foreigner Work Permit Application

    Application and renewal from blue collars to professional levels.

Why pick us?

We take pride in being the best recruitment agency in the industry. Our time is spent on sourcing, screening, shortlisting, interviewing candidates and negotiating job offers on your behalf.

We source from executives to mid-level to the top management tier from active and passive talent pools.

From stripped-down brick & mortar industries to exclusively niche industries, our reach goes beyond our competitors.

Our Edge

  • Main candidate pool of candidates are 90% Mandarin speakers.
  • Network of associates in the manpower recruitment circle.
  • Charismatic recruiters providing the best picks in the shortest time.
  • Adequate number of screenings to deliver only fitting candidates.

For Employer

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