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Looking for a job is never easy

For fresh graduates, the working world could be overwhelming. For professionals, the pressure is enough to give you the cold feet.

Knowing how to overcome the situation could determine the result of your employment. Read our Top 10 Tips below:

Be Early

No one appreciates a late-comer. Come earlier than scheduled.

Dress Right

Ask for the dress code. To be safe, formal attire always works.

Know your CV

If you need to read your résumé, you need to try again.

Sit Up Straight

Maintain professional posture exudes confidence.

Background Research

Know the job & the company. Don’t come empty-handed.

Eye Contact

Constant contact signifies your attention & professionalism.

Speak Right

Speak proper English, not in an accent. It’s okay to pause to answer.

Manners Maketh Man (and Woman)

Good manners go a long way.

Snitches Get Stitches

If you whine about your ex-boss, you’re untrustworthy.

You Be You

Be natural, no fake accent, show genuinity, showcase YOUR talent.

Once you’ve mastered our tips above, please proceed to go over this form.

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